Tricks for studying geography

How to study geography? Very often for students, it can be a tiring subject. It concerns many topics, it is vast, you need a good memory, it can seem boring: there are so many obstacles. Don’t worry though, there are a series of tricks and tricks that can make the study of the matter really fun, starting with the use of photographs and images!

Understanding geography is very important! It serves to better understand the world we live in, both politically and physically. Furthermore, knowing geography feeds one of the most beautiful passions that you can have: that for travel. Let’s move on to the useful tools to master the subject.

Start from the basics: use the maps!

You can’t learn geography by just reading a series of notions in books. Using maps is essential. Do you know when the first geographical map dates back? As early as 1440, men drew maps to understand how the world was made and to be able to orient themselves. Today there are as many maps as you want, both in print and online. The choice is yours! A tip: start reading the simpler maps and gradually move on to the more detailed ones.

To familiarize yourself with this tool try to replicate the shapes of continents and individual countries. The names that seem strangest to you and that you remember with greater difficulty, write them down: you can repeat them later and it will be easier to memorize them. A great exercise can be done using blank maps. Downloadable on the internet or available in bookstores, these maps only trace the shape of the states and can be used to test yourself in many ways. Identify states, regions, cities, borders. Write in pencil, so you can reuse it as many times as you want! Funny, isn’t it?

study geography

Store data based on your passions

There are easy methods of memorization, one of the easiest is based on connections with one’s passions. Do you love football, for example? Mark the cities that correspond to the most famous football teams on the map. You can play this game with any other sport. If you love fashion, combine the most famous fashion houses that you like best with their respective states and cities. Are you a food lover? Try to learn all the cities of origin of your favorite Italian and foreign dishes. It already sounds better to study geography like this, right?

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