Astrology and Palmistry Secrets

There is a remarkable connection between Astrology and Palmistry. Astrology is all about the “the twelve houses” of the seven main planets encapsulated in the mystical theories of astrology. While palmistry is equally seen as an expression in our palms of the influences of the Zodiac.

For me, astrology is inspiring for the greater connection with the self and the cosmos it gives me. In these ever-changing, express-train, ever more frantically media-networking lives, we miss the tranquility of the ancients. The secret of astrology and palmistry lies in the many ways it allows followers to feel a sense of kinship and empathy with those mystic forces that go so far beyond what with our meager technology we can possibly ever hope to comprehend.

The Link Between Palmistry and Astrology 

In palmistry, the signs of the zodiac, the sun, the moon, and the planets are all allocated their own points on the hand. The shape of the hands is the first aspect to consider for a palmist. That’s where palmistry detects strong indications of each person’s unique physical and artistic proclivities.

Top mystics in ancient times must have been ell versed in matters of astrology, numerology, graphology, and palmistry. They would rapidly analyze the people who came to them. By doing so they would pick up the vibes which would bring them to know their sitter’s future. Just as at one time in the west there was much skepticism over the use of pressure points on the hands, feet, and at times also the face, to diagnose and treat muscular problems. And, as in those times this was shown to be a true method, so it will again one day when science realises the error it has made in judging astrology and palmistry to be pseudoscience.

Many also are certain those techniques can also cure developing problems with the body’s main organs. There is a case for believing that research studies on palm reading will eventually show that it can be used as a valuable tool to diagnose and analyze the physical and mental health of people.

Ayurvedic Astrology and Palmistry: The influence of the Stars In the Palm of Your Hands

There is a definite link between palmistry and astrology, and it is in the belief that the stars’ influence is very strong indeed. The Zodiac at the time of birth not only can but does leave its imprint. Experts in palmistry can see it not only in the person’s face, and body. But, as astrologers have known for centuries, it also exhibits itself in traits of character. Palmists see that same influence in the shape of the hand, the lines on the palm, and elsewhere.

Palmistry involves learning about your personality through visual clues seen in your palm mostly. From those indications they move into the future, predicting the sitter’s fortune. In recent years specialist colleges have begun to formalize he science. This has enabled training in astrology and palmistry with colleges now  offering diplomas in these subjects. Course are available that will teach you the art of palm and hand reading. The intetion is that each student will become a fully certified palm reader.

Some horoscope readers now use both astrology and palmistry in their sittings. The benefit is the that they say that the stars tend to show a person’s potential and the current situation, and their hands show how individuals will react and adapt to the resulting life’s ups and downs.

Astrology and Palmistry Around the World

Astrology and palmistry are being used more and more to find out the astrological reasons for ailments, and this can also lead to finding remedies for problems. The fields of your life covered with a top Indian Vedic astrology reading can range the full scope of physical and mental problems.  You will find that devotees particularly like the unique ability to obtain guidance for future events of their lives.

As you would expect for methods which have been used for thousands of year, the Indian Vedic practitioners are just one manifestation of different systems of palmistry which can be found in many cultures all over the world. Those most written about include the palmistry methods in Romani culture, in Hindu/ Vedic astrology, as well as Chinese spiritual practices.

The Institute of Vedic astrology is said by many to be the most trusted and reliable institute for those interested in learning palmistry. When we looked recently, this is the one and only institute providing comprehensive course content for the novice.

Palmistry was practiced in a long list of ancient kingdoms. These include India, China, Persia, Nepal, Tibet, Sumeria, Israel, and Babylonia. Its first origins lie so far back in time that certainty will probably never be attained, but it is said to have its first roots in Hindu astrology, more than 5,000 years ago

Palm Reading Secrets

Even to a novice, every hand is very different. Unique features on every hand are said to define the relationships between your fingers. That information provides the expert eye of the palmist unique information about you. In his book Palmist Robin Gile wrote:

“If your Jupiter (index) finger reaches past the bottom of Saturn’s nail (what is called a Napoleonic Jupiter) your sitter probably has a high ego.”

Astrology and palmistry are two different branches of occult science. Astrology deals with the various information of that person. The corresponding information is related to the date of birth, birthplace and birth timing.

Although palmistry, like astrology, numerology, and many other predictive crafts are mostly regarded as pseudosciences and even complete shams by the academic community, these ancient arts still hold a following.

The Fascinating Craft of Astrology and Palmistry

Our palms contain an in-built horoscope. Some people who are experts in astrology and palmistry will build a horoscope of a person from the lines of the palm.

Astrology today, with the many terms used, was inherited from the ancient religions of Greece and Rome.  The symbolic framework for classical western palmistry comes from the dame origins. Each area of the palm and fingers is related to one of the greek or roman planetary gods or goddess, such as apollo, venus, or luna, and the features found on that area of the palm indicate the nature of the corresponding aspect of the subject.

Astrology and palmistry today hold a great fascination for the general people. A palmistry course is the best way to acquire the basic ideas about how the astrologer works with blocks to read.  Astrology and palmistry purport to predict the near future. Palmists focus on the major line of the hand, the thumb, fingers, major mounts, and the different signs expressed within the palm.

Astrology and Palm Reading Interconnection

Palmistry and astrology are interconnected and they have parts supporting each other. The ancient Chinese adopted an elaborate and intricate system of astrology that is connected to the mystical beliefs of ancient populations.

Palmistry has roots back to Indian (Hindu) Astrology (known in Sanskrit as Jyotish) and Roma (gypsy) fortune-tellers. The Hindu sage Valmiki is thought to have written a book, whose title translates in English as “the teachings of Valmiki Maharshi on Male Palmistry”, comprising 567 stanzas.

Where astrology and palmistry are similar

Palmistry has been traced back several thousand years to pre-Vedic India. It is a practice known as scientific palmistry, which focuses on the interpretation of the lines and structures in the hand.

Going back 200 years, each finger and mound were once thought to correspond to an individual planet. Palmistry and astrology were so close a discipline that the association of the two was not broken until halfway into the 19th century. Palmistry symbolism was already well developed by then.

Palmistry is divination. There are other examples of these, such as tarot cards, faery stones, lithomancy (stones), crystal ball (scrying), runes, bones, dream interpretation, tasseography (reading tea leaves). Not to mention astrology, and palmistry, to name the originals, and aid can at times be given to folks in finding their totem animals.

What Very Few People Know About Astrology and Palmistry

Palm reading has been (and still is) a predominantly Asian and oriental skill. Knowledge has only in relatively recent times been analyzed and written down.

It is also said of Greek astrology, that it was the Greek scholar Anaxagoras, who while traveling around the Indian sub-continent was taught about palmistry. The suggestion is that he later shared what he knew with Hermes.

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