The Sagittarius Man


The personality of Sagittarius Men

When dealing with the Sagittarius guy, keep in mind that not everyone who wanders is lost. He is a nomad and a perpetual traveler. But it’s not all fun and games. He pursues Truth, Beauty, and Wisdom, and the only way he can find these values is to travel, meet new people, and ponder deep questions.

Knowledge is vital to the Sagittarius man since it influences his outlook on life. He is fascinated by philosophy, religion, and the meaning of life.

An Archer-Centaur represents Sagittarius. Centaurs were intelligent thinkers in Roman mythology, and a similar comparison may be drawn for the intellectual Sagittarius man of today. He is a straightforward, logical thinker who looks at the larger picture in any scenario. He is also an avid listener, absorbing what you have to say before processing it and reaching his own opinions and decisions. However, he works so swiftly that he can overlook vital things.

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The Sagittarius man has a dignified bearing since he is ruled by Jupiter, the ruler of the Gods. He has the charisma and confidence of a natural leader, and he is both generous and just. A Sagittarian guy has an insatiable appetite for all that is fresh and unfamiliar, and he seeks information continuously. Because he needs to keep exploring, if you don’t allow him adequate space, he’ll start to feel cooped up and tense.

Lady Luck is on the Sagittarius man’s side. He is affable and extroverted, with the rakishness of a gambler. A Sagittarius usually has a large social network. He is easily distracted because everything fascinates the Sagittarius guy — he is an equal opportunity truth seeker who will fly from one thought to the next without looking back.

Sagittarius Men: 

He is amusing, flirty, and always in command. Because of his insatiable curiosity, a Sagittarius man’s love affairs are never the same from one to the next. Before he can fall in love, he must first comprehend what love is. The Sagittarius guy can have a dual personality at times, being a flirty, enticing player one minute and a calm, old married man the next. Who is the true Sagittarian? He’s only attempting to depict the truth of love itself – both the euphoric, butterflies-in-your-tummy sensation of new love and the steady, banked, and blazing flame of a love that has withstood the test of time.

The Sagittarius man desires a mate who shares his desire for the novel and unusual. He wants a buddy to accompany him on his journeys to other places, both metaphorical and literal. Remember that anything is possible with your impulsive Sagittarian – from a coffee table discussion about the impact of global warming and what it means for the coral reefs of the oceans to booking a flight leaving tomorrow morning, to actually going to monitor dead fish at reefs halfway around the world. His personal freedom must not be compromised, and he expects his spouse to be as secure and self-sufficient. He is not envious or possessive.

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