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Image of Jacqueline. Disability Equality adviser, access audit and trainer.Robin. Disability Equality adviser, access audit and trainer.Having been a wheelchair user for the past 30 years and been involved in access issues for more than 20years, Robin is one of the UK’s leading qualified Disability Discrimination Act access auditors. He has been undertaking audits before the Part 3 compliance date of October 2004.
He is proud to have been involved in assisting companies large and small since the early days of the DDA. As well as assisting with DDA audits and business equality plans, he is also a Disability Equality Trainer.

Jacqueline’s work has¬†varied from teaching first school children to spending twenty years as an Orthotic Clinician for the NHS and private sector.¬† Both Jacqueline and Robin have worked hand in hand undertaking more than 250 DDA access audits for the very largest of UK companies and Government bodies.

They pride themselves in the work they do because issues of equality, access and egress have been personal to them over the past years. This knowledge gives them a greater understanding of the kind of problems others experience and the best approach at solving them.

Together they have the knowledge to approach others on an equal par and find the best possible solution for businesses and disabled people alike. Together they offer you a comprehensive service that will meet both your legal requirements and the needs of all people with disabilities.

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