Breast formation in men

There are many men who have breast formation and who experience this as a big problem. Because of this, they feel less masculine and they are ashamed. In addition to being overweight, stress and drinking alcohol can be a cause of this unwanted fat accumulation. Is a breast reduction operation the only solution to get rid of this unpleasant accumulation of fat in the chest? Are there other ways that are less drastic to this annoying ailment?

Are male breasts the same as female breasts?

In men’s breasts, there is persistent fat on the chest. It is similar to the body fat that also occurs in women’s breasts and it can develop at a young age. Especially if this starts with men in the teen years, this can be bad for self-confidence. They are ashamed when they go to work after a workout or want to go to the beach for a day. They prefer to hide under a thick layer of clothing.


It is often thought that male breasts are the cause of obesity. An unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to this condition. Although this can often arise from overweight, this does not always have to be the case. Usually, it has to do with the hormone system if overweight is not the cause. There may also be another cause, such as the diseases: Klinefelter syndrome, sex hypoplasia, endocrine diseases or liver cirrhosis. If the cause is not overweight, it is advisable to go to the doctor.

Distorted hormone level

In men’s breasts and also in a beer belly, there is a local fat accumulation. This can occur in all kinds of places in the body and is a major frustration for people who want to lose weight. Often you are a long time on the line and it goes everywhere from except the places where you want it from. Meanwhile, it has been discovered that a local fat accumulation is a result of a disordered hormone level. This arises as a reaction in the body to poor eating and drinking habits. The male hormone ( testosterone ) is converted to the female hormone ( estrogen ). This allows male breasts to arise. In addition, the stress hormone ( cortisol) also a role. In a lifestyle where too much unhealthy is eaten and too much alcohol is drunk with the necessary stress is the formation of men’s breasts lurking.